نحن نجعل من ليبيا مكانا نظيفًا نؤمن باستئصال مشكلة القمامة من جذورها، فلنبدأ بأنفسنا. انضم إلينا وكن جزءًا من الحل


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Refuse Excess

In our Libyan culture we love to be generous and give in excess. This comes from a good place, shop owners and hosts want to give you in large amounts. Sadly for us this has produced tons of unnecessary waste that has ended up on our streets, seaside, and landfills. A simple step is to politely 'refuse' plastic or especially anything in excess. You can explain that we appreciate the offer (in order not to offend their good will) but that you're part of Libya's waste solution and are reducing personal use of plastics etc..

We'd love to know your own experiences in the comment section of how you refuse

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