نحن نجعل من ليبيا مكانا نظيفًا نؤمن باستئصال مشكلة القمامة من جذورها، فلنبدأ بأنفسنا. انضم إلينا وكن جزءًا من الحل


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Green Talk

In a time of our garbage crisis, this event was welcomed more than ever! Not only did the Libya GBC host their very first Green Talk event, and also demonstrated how to minimise waste. On arrival we were given these reusable tote bags. All food and drink were served without packaging, a refreshing sight to see.

Speakers for the event were of all ages and spoke on different aspects of how we can save the environment, specifically here in Libya.

We had our very own representative Nour Momen. She articulately explained how she came about minimising her consumption as an individual. Then how she went on to share this concept with her family and workplace. You can view all the recorded talks by clicking here.

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