نحن نجعل من ليبيا مكانا نظيفًا نؤمن باستئصال مشكلة القمامة من جذورها، فلنبدأ بأنفسنا. انضم إلينا وكن جزءًا من الحل


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Come Prepared

Now that you've decided to join our community, but still finding yourself producing a lot of daily waste, here's the main trick. You must be prepared disposable items are everywhere! Most of us have not grown up in a culture where we reuse, so we leave the home empty handed. It's Time to start thinking ahead. Keep reusable goods either in your car, at work, or in your bag.

You may have to keep a reminder, and repeat to form the habit but it'll be well worth it. Why not tag us #zerowastelibya in order to encourage and inspire others?

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